Bellagio, known as the Pearl of the Lario, is at the meeting point of the two branches of Lake Como where the breathtakingly beautiful mountains appear to rush down into the waters at the deepest part of the lake.

Soft colours, winding streets and seductive little squares are typical of this well-known village, a true gem of Lario scenery and architecture.

Its lakeside promenade with fine hotels and smart shops give pride of place to the rich silks produced in the area and it is the ideal place for anyone wanting to fully experience a charming lake holiday. 

The stunning scenery of Bellagio, truly a corner of Paradise, has enchanted the most illustrious names in history and international literature.

Pliny the Younger is an example. He chose the gorgeous promontory of Bellagio for his own magnificent residences while it is said that Stendhal found inspiration while strolling in a state of melancholy through the gardens of Villa Melzi. And many a page of music was produced here by the 19th century Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, thanks to the spell Bellagio cast upon his soul.

 "Fa ghirlanda il bel gioco e lo circonda di cipressi e d'allori eterna fronda"