Tremezzo, on the western shores of Lake Como, is almost directly opposite the supremely pretty village of Bellagio.

The village develops along the banks of the lake and up the hill behind it, reaching as far as the foot of Monte Crocione. The two parts join in a blissful marriage of evocative beauty and charm that is absolutely compelling for the onlooker.  

Over the centuries this stunning place has captured the hearts of illustrious personages who, since the 16th century, have considered Lake Como and its residences as ideal places for their enjoyment whilst at one and the same time writing the pages of history. It was here in fact that Giuseppe Verdi, Queen Victoria of England, the Emperor Wilhelm II and the Chancellor Konrad Adenauer sojourned, as did Gustave Flaubert, Winston Churchill, Leonardo da Vinci, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Napoleon.

The mild climate makes a stay here particularly pleasant, thanks to the lake and the surrounding mountains protecting and sheltering the town.  

“Two branches of the lake, the Tremezzo one all smiling houses and happy homes, the other, like my soul, sad and lonely, oft like yours too.”
Silvio Pellico, 1819